After 3 years of dodging COVID, it finally got me

I tested positive this week.

After almost three years of wearing masks, washing and sanitizing our hands constantly, and avoiding crowds, Covid-19 finally caught me.

It feels almost anticlimactic – and for that I’m grateful to all the scientists for making possible the vaccines and boosters.

My symptoms were very mild. For our kiddo, it was little more than a cold. For hubby, it was more like a really nasty sinus infection. For me, it was like a cold with a lot of fatigue.

Clearly, all our vaccinations and boosters have helped a ton!

Honestly, it’s a little surprising that it took our family this long to catch this virus. Sure, we’ve been careful but certainly not perfect.

In the past year or so, especially, we’ve been a lot more relaxed. We’ve traveled a bunch. We just hosted a family New Year’s Eve party with 12 people – the biggest group we’ve hosted since it all began three years ago.

I’m looking at this as an opportunity to do what we’re all supposed to do more of in the winter anyway: cancel plans, rest, cocoon, snuggle with the dogs and stay indoors. I’m also drinking even more liquids than usual and napping whenever my body tells me to. It’s not an altogether unpleasant way to spend a week.

I’m not upset or mad that I got the virus after all this time. Experts say most people will end up getting Covid. It has honestly felt like playing a game of dodgeball and being the last family standing. It’s been an odd feeling!

So far, I have not lost my sense of taste or smell, but others in our house have. Maybe that comes next for me? I’ll be bummed if it does; those happen to be two of my favorite senses. Oh, who am I kidding – I love all my senses.

I am staying positive and thinking of all the antibodies I’m building up. Next time I give blood, those little babies are sure to benefit!

For now, I’m just utterly giving myself over to languor and torpor. I figure rest is what my body needs right now.

If you have any tips for how to make the best of a late-breaking, breakthrough case of Covid, I’m all ears. In the meantime, I’ll just be lounging here on my couch enjoying a snooze.

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