A look back at the start of Covid

This month marks our state’s official two-year anniversary with Covid.

It’s certainly not an anniversary anyone ever wanted – and it is hardly something to celebrate.

Still, I thought it made sense to acknowledge that two years ago, all of our lives changed pretty drastically. We adjusted to a heck of a lot – and we somehow made it through.

I blogged a lot as Covid (or, as we called it then, Coronavirus) was unfolding around us. Here is a roundup of our best content about the start of the pandemic and how it began to impact our lives.

  • Our Coronavirus timeline – this wasn’t the first time I mentioned Covid on the blog, but it was the first time I dedicated a whole post to it. This details those early days from when we first heard of the virus, to when it shut down our whole state and the world.
  • Heads of state are putting kids at risk – this was my impassioned plea to the US and German governments to reconsider forcing all exchange students abroad to return to their home countries. Our German student Verena was only with us for a short while before she had to go home. It’s such a bummer that she missed out on part of her exchange year, but we’re so glad we got to meet her and hope to meet up again soon!
  • Remote energy healing for the isolation blues – Lockdown hit everyone hard, but because we lost Journey’s beloved Grandma at the same time, it was especially tough at our house. We got some remote energy work done and it helped us quite a bit.
  • At dawn, we ride – How I started a bike club for our neighborhood as a way to stay connected with people and nature in a safe way during the lockdown.
  • The food trucks are here – There were small bright spots if you looked hard enough – like food trucks coming to the suburbs!
  • Do you recall your last normal day? This was my wistful look back at pre-Covid life. Do you remember what you were doing that last day or week before the pandemic struck two years ago?
  • School in the time of Corona – This was about not knowing whether school would go back in person (too risky), hybrid (hard on working parents) or virtual (the worst of all for everyone). Things did get a little easier – but not much.

There you have it – a look at some of my top posts from two years ago when the world shut down and our lives changed forever thanks to a little virus. Let’s hope that within the next two years, our lives will all begin to feel a bit more normal again.

What has been the biggest change to your life since Covid hit? As always, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below or over on Instagram or Facebook.

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