The best books we’ve read this year

Like most writers, I love to read.

I love to read fiction as an escape, a pleasurable form of relaxation, an act of self-care and a meditative practice. I read electronic books on Kindle and I also still read actual, bound, paper books.

I can lose myself in a book for hours. Often, I get so engrossed while reading that I won’t hear or respond even if someone calls my name. My family finds this incredibly annoying.

I don’t just love reading – I also love to hoard books I may never read. I have bookcases and a Kindle full of them. Perhaps that’s a blog post for another day.

This one is about books I’ve read. Here are the last few books I’ve finished and loved.

  • The School for Good Mothers by Jessamine Chan – This book was absolutely heartbreaking from page one. By the end, I felt emotionally gutted. It is about motherhood and the impossible demands and standards placed on mothers by society and by ourselves. Anyone who is a mom should read this – but be warned, you will end up crying your heart out. These characters and this story will live with me for a very long time.
  • Under the Skin by Michael Faber – This is a sci-fi/horror story written from the perspective of an alien surgically molded into human-like form. Because it’s told from an alien perspective, the writing is unique; at first, you are not quite sure what’s happening. I was not too fond of the narrator/main character at the start, but she definitely grew on me. It’s a compelling story and gruesome at times. Now, I want to seek out the movie, which stars Scarlett Johansson so it’s likely worth a watch.
  • Fairy Tale by Stephen King – I went through a huge SK phase in my middle/high school years, reading my way through most of his best-known stuff. I moved on to other authors, but he’s still one of the greats in my opinion and Fairy Tale is an utterly fantastic read. It has horror elements and the wonderful relationships and connections that King does so well – plus a whole bunch of magic and fantasy. I flew through it; it’s a great read!
  • Tender is the Flesh by Augustina Bazterrica – This is a prize-winning sci-fi/horror novel written in Spanish and translated into English (and 22 other languages). It is one of the most graphically disturbing things I’ve ever read – but it is also an unforgettable and moving story. If you can handle a horrific future where humans are bred, farmed, harvested and butchered as food, then buckle up because this is one wild ride.
  • Wolfsong by TJ Klune – This is a gay/bi werewolf love story. Think Twilight series but for young men and minus the vampires. I absolutely loved it and look forward to reading the other books in the series. I love young adult fantasy fiction and this one fits the bill. It’s fun to get outside yourself and your own experiences sometimes and live through another’s perspective! I adore TJ Klune’s writing and this one made me want to run with a pack at midnight and howl at the moon.

If you love a good read and you’re looking for something a little different, you may want to give these a try. Also, be sure to read our past book recommendations (and there are even more book recos here).

Likewise, if you’ve read something wonderful lately, please don’t gatekeep! Let me know all about it in the comments below or over on Facebook or Instagram.

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