Learn to play an instrument at Lewis Center Musicologie

We’ve embarked on several fun new adventures already this summer.

We took a family trip to Kauai. Z has been petsitting a ton in our neighborhood.

She and I also started – but have not completed – PAWS training with Humane Society of Delaware County to become official shelter volunteers.

We thought we’d have time to fit in one last summer quest: guitar lessons for Z at Musicologie in Lewis Center!

Music has always been an important part of our lives. When Z was tiny, we took Mommy and me Music Together classes for several years. She was also in choir in grade school, and we’ve always enjoyed singing and listening to music together at home.

Z asked for a guitar for her 12th birthday and we intended to get her lessons, but for a while, she preferred to learn informally from a friend.

I was so glad she finally agreed to get professional instruction this year and we were thrilled to learn about Musicologie Lewis Center.

Working with Musicologie to set up lesson times went great – I can’t say enough about how kind and flexible Wesley was. Their website is also terrific and easy to use.

Alas, due to illness and various other time-suckers, our summer got away from us and it doesn’t look like we’re going to be able to make Z’s guitar lessons a reality before school starts.

Still, I’m glad to have found the perfect place so close to home. I’m hopeful that we’ll come back to Musicologie and take lessons in the future, though teens can be fickle so it’s possible Z’s interests may have moved on to something else by then.

If you’re interested in music lessons for yourself or your child, take a look at Musicologie Lewis Center‘s offerings and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect match!

I’ve always wanted to tap into my inner rockstar. Hey, maybe I’m the one who should end up coming back to Musicologie for lessons, instead of Z?

I might just have to find a way to make that happen!

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