Toddler etiquette: guys vs. girls edition

Is it okay to take a two year old to a baby shower? To a wedding? To visit a friend in hospital? These are questions to which my beloved husband and I had differing opinions, so we took it to Facebook this week for a little friendly crowdsourcing. He posed the question first on his FB page, and I followed suit by posting it on my own. The answers were pretty interesting. For the most part, women were more likely to check with hostesses before bringing a child to a shower or wedding. Some … [Read more...]

Zoe said this

On this day two years ago, I began my maternity leave. I was 39 weeks along and ready for some rest and nesting before Zoe came. I was hoping I’d have just a couple of days off from work and then she’d come, but she had other ideas. I had two full weeks off before she decided to make an appearance! But oh, those were wonderful weeks – I was so relaxed and ready by the time she arrived. I spent the time scrapbooking, walking our dog Jack, watching TV and movies, and playing in Zoe’s … [Read more...]

Leaving is the hardest part

Leaving a baby for any length of time is never easy - but leaving an attachment-parented, breastfed baby is the worst. As a newborn, Zoe not only wanted and needed her mama at all times, she also wanted and needed her milk. And of course, she wanted and needed it 100% more once she realized mama's gone! Such situations can be incredibly stressful on both the departing mom and the suddenly needy babe - not to mention the loving caregiver left behind, in our case Zoe's awesome dad. The … [Read more...]

How to be a breastfeeding superstar

There are two types of mommyblogs - those that focus on product reviews and those that get super personal with intimate details of their lives. All of my favorite momblogs are of the latter sort, and so is this one you're reading now. So, with that disclaimer of sorts out of the way, here is the first of several posts I'll be sharing about breastfeeding and how to rock at it. This is what I am calling part 1, for pregnant chicks or those who may someday become pregnant. First-time … [Read more...]

Date day: my best invention ever

Yesterday, for the first time in almost two years, my husband and I spent an entire day alone together. That’s crazy, right? How could we have gone that long without a day to ourselves? But we’re so in love with our daughter that we never really even considered it before. Anytime we had a day off from work, we wanted to spend it with her.  And we love our time together as a family – it’s the best! (Funny side note: before we had Zoe, I used to hear parents talk about going a year or … [Read more...]