NYC with a three year old

This past May, our family embarked on the second of six trips to NYC in celebration of each of our nieces and nephews' 16th birthdays. This year was Malachi's turn and marked our attempt to take on the impossible: a family roadtrip to NYC that would please both our 16 year old nephew and three year old daughter. You should know that I had several horrible nightmares in the days leading up to our trip. I dreamed that Zoe darted out into NYC traffic (worst of all, in front of a yellow cab). I … [Read more...]

NYC with a one year old

Once upon a time, before E and I had kids of our own, we vowed to be the very best and coolest uncle and aunt ever. We loved visiting NYC whenever possible, and we realized there was a good chance our young nieces and nephews may not have that opportunity, so we made a commitment to take each and every one of our nieces and nephews to NYC, one at a time, for their 16th birthdays. Cool, right? Fast forward to today. We now have a child of our own, and six (yes, 6!) nieces and … [Read more...]

The circus is coming

Is there anything as reminiscent of childhood as the circus? I can remember going with my grandfather to the circus in England. It was always such a special occasion. And now the circus is coming to Columbus - the real deal, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus. A new show called Fully Charged is coming to town in a couple of weeks - Thursday, May 10 through Sunday, May 13. We're going to take Zoe. She'll get to see elephants, tigers, and all sorts of other fun, zany and exciting … [Read more...]

Date day: my best invention ever

Yesterday, for the first time in almost two years, my husband and I spent an entire day alone together. That’s crazy, right? How could we have gone that long without a day to ourselves? But we’re so in love with our daughter that we never really even considered it before. Anytime we had a day off from work, we wanted to spend it with her.  And we love our time together as a family – it’s the best! (Funny side note: before we had Zoe, I used to hear parents talk about going a year or … [Read more...]

A puppy and a toddler. Are we nuts?

I’m seriously thinking about starting a new series for this blog: the “Are we nuts?” series. Here’s the first entry. It seems my beloved husband and I like to walk on the wild side, because earlier this month we brought home a bouncing baby girl - aka our gorgeous little red Goldendoodle. We did our research, found a great breeder and fell in love with Autumn. Our puppy has been a huge success so far – Zoe loves her and Autumn’s as sweet as can be. That said, it had been … [Read more...]