Potty training for absolute newbies

I had no idea what to expect with regard to potty training. You have to understand that for much of my adult life, I avoided people with kids and sought out friends who didn’t have them. On top of that, our nieces and nephews live pretty far away from us so I just haven’t had a whole lot of exposure to little kids, especially toddlers. So, realizing I’m clueless about this as with most parenting topics, I researched a lot and read a bunch of books and blog posts (I’ve amassed quite a … [Read more...]

Toddler etiquette: guys vs. girls edition

Is it okay to take a two year old to a baby shower? To a wedding? To visit a friend in hospital? These are questions to which my beloved husband and I had differing opinions, so we took it to Facebook this week for a little friendly crowdsourcing. He posed the question first on his FB page, and I followed suit by posting it on my own. The answers were pretty interesting. For the most part, women were more likely to check with hostesses before bringing a child to a shower or wedding. Some … [Read more...]

Animals over princesses

Zoe showed signs very early on that she’s a huge animal lover. Even as a tiny infant, she always preferred stuffed animals over dolls. If presented with a human friend and a kitten at the same time, she would always go to the kitten. She can be a bit stingy with kisses and hugs at times for the people in her life, but will shower affection and love on our puppy or any other random, friendly dog she meets. This is never more evident than during family trips to Disney. Zoe will step over a … [Read more...]

Zoe said this

On this day two years ago, I began my maternity leave. I was 39 weeks along and ready for some rest and nesting before Zoe came. I was hoping I’d have just a couple of days off from work and then she’d come, but she had other ideas. I had two full weeks off before she decided to make an appearance! But oh, those were wonderful weeks – I was so relaxed and ready by the time she arrived. I spent the time scrapbooking, walking our dog Jack, watching TV and movies, and playing in Zoe’s … [Read more...]

A puppy and a toddler. Are we nuts?

I’m seriously thinking about starting a new series for this blog: the “Are we nuts?” series. Here’s the first entry. It seems my beloved husband and I like to walk on the wild side, because earlier this month we brought home a bouncing baby girl - aka our gorgeous little red Goldendoodle. We did our research, found a great breeder and fell in love with Autumn. Our puppy has been a huge success so far – Zoe loves her and Autumn’s as sweet as can be. That said, it had been … [Read more...]

Toddler birthday parties

At what age do you start doing something really fun and out there for your little one’s birthday celebration? Is two too young? We’re coming up fast on birthday number two and I am so ready to plan a dream birthday party for Zoe and her little friends. For Zoe’s first birthday, we had a family-only affair at home. It was awesome, but pretty low-key – a cute invitation, some decorations, presents and a cake. The highlight (aside from having family members there who had traveled a long … [Read more...]