Winter hiking in Hocking Hills

This blog post originally appeared on my agency's blog, the Rhumba Room, as part of our #FHroadtrip travel series. Follow along all this year as we explore what there is to see, do and eat across the great state of Ohio! I’ve never gone winter hiking before. In fact, I’ve always secretly thought that people who hike in cold weather are a little crazy. But, after a recent weekend getaway with my family in Hocking Hills, I am officially a winter hiking convert. It just takes a little … [Read more...]

Snow rollers: unexpected winter delight

As I've written before, I don't enjoy winter - I survive it. Sometime right around the day after Christmas, the novelty and beauty of snow wears thin for me. Usually I plan a mid-winter escape to somewhere a bit warmer just to give myself something to look forward to. But it's really, really hard to remain a killjoy about winter when you have a little one in the house who is utterly stoked to go outside and play in the snow! My favorite winter delight this year is Zoe's pure, unadulterated … [Read more...]

Disney on Ice is back!

Are you like me - already sick of winter? For me, the novelty and beauty of snow and ice wears off right around December 26. Then, I have to find fun things to look forward to and get excited about in order to make it through the next three months of cold, gray weather. One of our most anticipated winter activities is taking Zoe to see Disney on Ice. We went last February for the first time and she absolutely LOVED it. Of course, we did the full-on dressing like a princess thing - as do about … [Read more...]

Snow day fun at Star Lanes

Disclaimer: I was generously provided dinner, arcade play time and bowling courtesy of Star Lanes prior to writing this post. That said, my opinions are my own and I happily spent my own money at Star Lanes as well! It's snowing today... time to head to Star Lanes Polaris for some bowling fun! Sure, we played outside in the white stuff too, but one can only do that for so long. Kids get cold, you all have to come in and get warm... and then, before too long, cabin fever sets in. That's why … [Read more...]