Blackberry picking in the rain

We added a new family fun activity to our summer bucket list this year: blackberry picking at The Berry Farm in Richwood, Ohio. We had been raspberry picking before, but this was a new one for us. We loved it!

Just about 8 miles north of Marysville and 25 minutes from our home in Lewis Center is the little berry farm. It’s easy to find and park. Just head into the farm office/store for berry-picking baskets and directions as to which field to pick in. Then you’re on your own! My daughter and I had a ball picking large, ripe, juicy blackberries – and eating quite a few too, of course.

We went on a rainy day, and I highly recommend this. It can be hard to find fun things to do in the rain – and too often we stay in and resort to watching TV shows or movies.

Blackberry picking in the rain is divine, because the berries get that fresh, clean, just-washed taste. Delicious!

We picked for about 30-40 minutes, until we had two big containers filled. Then we checked out and spent a little time playing with some adorable farm puppies. Zoe held one of the little guys and got some kisses, and she reported that he must have gotten into the berries because he had sweet blackberry breath!

Z ate blackberries all the way home, until her little mouth and hands were stained purple, but we still had two HUGE containers. We ate most of them throughout the next few days as snacks, I put some on salads, and of course I found a good blackberry cobbler recipe online and we had that for dessert one night. Heavenly!

Peak blackberry season in Ohio is July – August. You have a little while before school starts up, so get down to The Berry Farm one morning (Monday-Saturday 7am-11am) or afternoon (Monday-Saturday 3pm-7pm) for delicious, freshly-picked blackberries that are as large, dark and sweet as any berries you’ve seen. They don’t pick berries during the heat of the day, as they say it turns the berries red – who knew?!

What’s your favorite newfound or long-standing summer tradition? We still have time to add some to our list!


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