Friday favorites: for fingers and hands

As long-time readers already know, my Friday Favorites series is a somewhat random collection of lists of things I like or love. It can be movies, food or just anything that pops into my mind as worth sharing. This time around, it’s a list of my favorite things for fingers and hands! Weird, I know.

As a lifetime nail biter who finally has control of the habit, I do like my hands to look nice – and I’m also way too lazy to do my nails often. These are some solutions I’ve found for quick and easy hand and nail care and maintenance. I hope you find them useful, too!

  • OPI Infinite Shine primer, nail polish and top coat. I love to get my nails done at the salon but it’s pricey and a time commitment. It’s so much easier to paint them yourself at home, except that never lasts… or does it? Using OPI Infinite Shine’s three-step system, you can get twice as long out of a home manicure – and assuming you have a decent amount of skill, it will look as good as the professionally done version! You can get these long-lasting products from OPI, Amazon or any beauty shop, and you’ll need both the Infinite Shine primer and top coat set plus any Infinite Shine polish color you like. I think you’ll be very pleased with the results!
  • Enso silicone rings. If you’re a fan of unique, maybe even slightly quirky jewelry – OR if you have a nickel allergy like mine which makes wearing fine gold or platinum jewelry difficult – you’ll love the soft, flexible silicone rings from Enso. I’ve been wearing mine for a while now and never fail to get compliments. They are perfect for gardeners, weight lifters, cyclists and anyone else who has a hard time wearing metal jewelry. Plus they are super affordable so you can grab a couple while you’re at it.
  • Color Street nails. What if you want to apply long-lasting, beautiful nailpolish at home… but you’re not good at painting them yourself, or you can’t find the time to sit and let polish dry? Color Street is the answer. Unlike the recent Jamberry craze (which I also liked, but were admittedly tricky to put on), these Color Street decals are simply strips of actual nail polish that you press onto your nails. It’s the easiest thing ever, takes no talent or precision – and lasts as long as a regular manicure!
  • Mindful marks. I love the idea behind these temporary tattoos placed on a hand – they are meant to remind you of an intention and keep you mindful throughout the day. You can use any temporary tattoo for this purpose, and I’m a huge fan of the metallic and glittery variety (anyone surprised?). Simply apply a small mark, a gold or silver strip or even a temporary tattoo jewel and make it a point to breathe deeply, drink water, sit up straighter or get up and take some steps anytime you notice it throughout the day!
  • Body Shop hemp hand protector. Now that your nails are done and you’re rocking some new jewelry and a (temporary) hand tattoo for mindfulness, it’s time to moisturize those babies and make sure they are soft and protected from winter’s worst. Wacky packaging and name aside, this is the stuff – it smells good, it moisturizes and protects like nothing else I’ve found, and it’s reasonably priced from either Body Shop or Amazon. I can even get hubby to use this once in a while, since it doesn’t have a girly name or packaging. Perfect for anyone who works with their hands or washes their hands a lot!

There you have it – my favorite new or new-to-me products for keeping fingers and hands in tip-top shape this winter. If you have any similar tips and recommendations for me, I’d love to hear them in the comments below or over on Facebook.

And if you liked this odd little list, be sure to check out the rest of my Friday Favorites posts!

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