The year of being brave

I always like to be a bit reflective or introspective at the end of every year and think about accomplishments, successes and what could have gone better. For me, in many ways, 2019 was the year of being brave.

This past year, I faced several fears and did some things I’d never done before. I didn’t think I was being particularly brave or courageous at the time – but it all adds up to a year I can feel pretty great about!

Here are some of my fear-facing, #GirlPower moments from 2019:

  • I faced down my ultimate fears – major dental work – after a crown/ tooth cracked at the root and had to come out. In the months following, I went through root canal, an extraction, bone grafts, dental implant surgery and all the associated bills. It all went as well as it could and I can honestly say there’s very little I fear now in the world of dentistry, because I went through it all this year! If you truly want to know what the worst part was… it was the waiting. Dental implants take m-a-n-y months because of all the healing time needed. It felt like a very long 9 months without my beloved tooth!


  • I returned to the wonderful world of tattoo after taking almost 10 years off. Getting tattooed is different now – it’s harder in your 40s! But I am happy that I was brave and strong enough to sit through a major new addition on my upper stomach as well as a smaller, but still significant piece on my left arm. As much as I love getting tattooed, there were fears this time – am I too old? Should I have waited until I lost 25 lbs? But I’m so glad I did it. I always learn so much about myself while getting tattooed – it’s a rite of passage for sure. I’m not in a hurry to get any more on my ribs or stomach, but I’m eager to plan out the rest of my left sleeve in the coming years.


  • I also got my brows microbladed this year. This was something I wanted to do, but I had a lot of fear and insecurity around it. Would it look right on me – could I pull it off? One’s eyebrows are like a frame for your face; you want them to look natural. I needn’t have worried – Booma was amazing and I absolutely LOVE my new brows. But at the time, I was anxiety city. I’m so glad I decided to go for it. If you’re a woman of a certain age whose natural brows have disappeared like mine did, this is definitely something I’d recommend!


  • I broke up with food. In November, after a year of being frustrated with myself for gaining weight, I finally realized I had to do something completely different because what I was doing just wasn’t working. I decided to bite the bullet, join the Central Ohio Nutrition Center and try something totally new – and maybe a little even extreme. It was scary (what if I fail yet again? Is dieting even something I believe in? Am I damaging my daughter by letting her see me diet? Am I potentially hurting myself by doing something so restrictive?) but I took a leap of faith and jumped in to the Optifast program with both feet. I’m in my fourth week of the program, down almost 14 lbs and feeling fantastic! I am also very glad I started in November instead of waiting until January.


  • I also stared down the barrel of menopause and the end of my child-bearing years. It’s something that happens to all women, and it’s a time of change and uncertainty. Granted, this is less something that I did, and more something that simply happened to me. Still, it was scary and I faced it head-on and even blogged about it. Now that 2019 is over, I can officially say I’m out of perimenopause and officially in menopause! Whatever that means. 😉 See, I told you – scary stuff.

So, there you have it – a few of the things that took some bravery this year and that I am proud of looking back. Trust me, I had some cowardly moments too – like taking the family to both Kings Island and Cedar Point but skipping most of the big rides! 

How was your 2019 – does it have a theme when you look back on it, or were there moments that stood out that you are proud of? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below or over on Facebook. And I wish all of my readers a peaceful, happy, joyful and healthy 2020!

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