Oh, baby: a roundup of our best content for new moms

There is truly nothing like a sweet, precious, newborn baby girl.

I know, baby boys are probably splendid too, but I only have experience with the former. Plus our oldest niece just had her first child, a perfect little princess, whom our Z has nicknamed “Baby Sparkle.”

We got to spend a delightful afternoon with them this past weekend, so you’ll understand if I have babies on the brain. Holding their new little one got me reminiscing back on our early days with our own wee, pink bundle. That inspired today’s round-up post of all our best content for new moms.

Ready to listen to Jewel’s Lullaby album on repeat? Here are our favorite past posts about babies, nursing and new motherhood.

  • How to be a breastfeeding superstar – this is still one of the blog posts I’m proudest of. I poured my heart, soul and everything I had learned about nursing my baby into this post. I truly hope it can help other moms-to-be and new moms to embark on a magical, successful breastfeeding journey with your own little ones.
  • Attachment parenting: it’s how we roll – we stumbled into this philosphy of parenting and I am so glad we did. We’ve since researched it thoroughly and the science definitely backs up this method as the best way. When in doubt, love, hold, nurse and nurture that baby! You simply can’t go wrong.
  • Thank heaven for cosleeping – we never planned to be a bed-sharing family, but we accidentally discovered it was the solution for SO many of our new parent problems, like working mom guilt, sleepless nights and more. We were all sleeping happily through the night soon after we discovered cosleeping!
  • Leaving is the hardest part – this one is for any new mom who has felt her heart rip out over leaving baby’s side and going back to work. It honestly never gets easy – but it does get easier with time!
  • Motherhood is hard. Moms rock. – here’s an ode to all mothers everywhere. Being a mom is hard – and keeps getting harder as we adjust and adapt – and there’s certainly no one else who could do this job. Yet we make it look easy. Give yourself a big, warm pat on the back, mama!
  • Nursing helps alleviate working mom guilt – let’s talk about mom guilt, because we’ve all got it in spades. Working moms have a steady, continuous dose of guilt – but nursing can help with that. I know it helped me for years!
  • Mommy mythbusting: selflessness – this one is for the moms to be, or for anyone really. It’s about how I learned to be selfless like my own awesome mom, even though I didn’t think I had it in me to ever be that way.
  • Top 5 baby and toddler hacks – this is my ode to some of the things that made new motherhood easier or more fun, and ways that we made the most of our relationship with Z early on. This list includes music, baby sign language, attachment parenting, cosleeping, breastfeeding and library story times. We’re big fans of them all!
  • On mother-baby bonding – here are my best tips on how to increase that incredible bond with your babe. If you’ve read this far, you probably already know what I’m going to say!

There you have it – our favorite content about babies, nursing, cosleeping, attachment parenting and new motherhood. I hope you enjoyed this little walk down memory lane and if you’re a new mom or mom-to-be, I hope some of this was helpful!

Do you have other good new mom hacks, hints or tips to share? I’d love to hear them in the comments below or over on Facebook. We can’t do enough to help out new moms!

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