Amazing, gender diverse humans are all around us

Xage and I have recently had multiple fortuitous, spontaneous meetings with strangers who happen to be amazing, nonbinary young people.

These serendipitous happenings seem to take place far more often since Xage shaved their head.

It appears that the buzz cut serves as a definite signifier to other queer peeps that Xage is the real deal.

First, when we got Xage’s ears pierced recently at Body Jewel on Sancus, we were greeted by a lovely nonbinary person who rocks a very similar, wildly creative and fun look to Xage. When I explained that Xage’s name is different on their ID because they are nonbinary and have changed their name, the counter person smiled and said they just did the same themself, and shared that their new name is Dakota. We were so happy to make their acquaintance.

Then, when we went to Ninja Citi recently to meet up with friends, I asked if we can change Xage’s name in their system and explained that they have Xage’s birth name on file. Instantly, the friendly person behind the counter lit up and beamed at us, saying “Oh, I wish I could! I totally get it. I use they/them pronouns, too!” Later, when we were leaving, Lane shared a few words of encouragement with Xage and it meant the world to us.

Most recently, when I took Xage to their new-to-us summer camp – a wildlife camp in Powell – the counselor checking us in had “They/Them” right on their name tag in big letters beneath their name. I introduced Xage and explained that they are nonbinary and use they/them pronouns, and the counselor was immediately encouraging and welcoming.

The first day at any new school or camp is always a bit nerve-wracking, so this made both Xage and I feel so much more comfortable and secure.

The impact of these random enby sightings on both Xage and I cannot be overstated.

For Xage, there is an undeniable rush that comes from being seen by, and seeing, their very own people out in the wild. Especially when these individuals approach us first and acknowledge the kiddo as a kindred soul, it makes Xage feel like part of an elite club of rockstars (and let’s be honest, that’s exactly what and who nonbinary and trans people are).

For me as the parent of a beautiful nonbinary child, running into brave, spectacular nonbinary and trans young adults out in the world holding down jobs, being role models and shining like stars does my heart a world of good. I feel giddy, comforted, elated, reassured and excited, all rolled into one.

Friends, if you don’t know this yet, hear me now: nonbinary people make the world go around. They are the bright, shining best of humanity. These brave, unique and empowered kiddos are paving their own way, standing up for their true selves, making their own roads and rocking the most amazingly unique style.

If you have the chance to spend time with and get to know a nonbinary or trans individual, I highly recommend it. They truly are incredible humans who cannot be boxed into any mold or type. The rest of us living in traditional, typical binary boxes have a lot to learn from them!

And if you’re one of the amazing young nonbinary people who has welcomed and greeted Xage while we’ve been out and about in our community, thank you. You don’t know how much you have inspired and helped our kiddo – and their parents. And if you have parents who are not supportive or excited about your queerness or gender identity, then please get in touch with me so I can give you happy, proud mom hugs and remind you to hydrate. #ImYourMomNow

Have you noticed all the incredible diversity in today’s youth? Pay attention next time you’re out and let me know if you see what I’m talking about. Young people today have it going on in all the right ways – smart, brave, bold and authentic. I think they may just save us all.

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