We found big fun at Ninja Citi Adventure Park

Does it feel like 2020 sucked most of the fun out of life?

Well, good news, friends: we found the fun. It was waiting for us all this time at Ninja Citi Adventure Park in Dublin.

If your kiddo loves to watch American Ninja Warrior or you miss the days of watching them happily wear themselves out at play-all-day kids playspaces, this is the adventure park for you.

We all know physical activity is important, especially for growing minds and bodies – yet team sports seem so risky right now.

Imagine a place that is safe, easy to socially distance and packed floor to ceiling with new, fun ways to jump, run, climb, swing, bounce and play.

Ninja Citi is a terrific workout for any age – but to kids, it just feels like big fun. We met friends there Sunday morning and had the place almost to ourselves. Sanitizer and masks are required, and it’s easy to social distance because the place is HUGE.

The cost is $16 per hour of play, or you can purchase a 10-visit card for $100 which brings the cost down quite a bit. Play here just one time and I am sure your kiddo will want to become a regular; ours sure did.

I have long wished there was such a thing as a safe indoor playspace for the tweens-and-up crew – someplace fun to get them active, off devices and playing like kids again – and now there is.

I’m so delighted and can’t wait to take Z back to Ninja Citi again soon. It did my heart good to see her pink-cheeked and sweaty after more than an hour of running, playing, climbing and working hard at having fun!

I honestly think it would do me a world of good to play and climb and run at Ninja Citi, too. And if we buy the 10-pack card, I can simply use one of her punches to play along! Note: this will definitely happen sometime in 2021.

Have you found any other giant play gyms like this for older kids? If so, please let me know in the comments below or over on Facebook. We definitely need more ninja-style fun in our lives.

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