Airhouse Adventure Park is like nothing else you’ve seen

If you’ve visited the Polaris Fashion Place mall recently, I’m sure you’ve seen Fieldhouse, the enormous indoor sports complex that has taken over the former Sears building.

Inside Fieldhouse USA, the sprawling indoor multi-purpose sports complex, Airhouse is a self-contained adventure park and party palace featuring a high ropes course, climbing walls, zipline, trampolines and dodge ball courts.

Xage and I had the good fortune of being invited to Airhouse Adventure Park for a tour recently.

We were utterly blown away by how clean, well-lit and spacious it is – along with the myriad of activities and things to do. This would be a dream location for any active tween or teen’s birthday party!

Xage immediately wanted to tackle the climbing walls, ropes course and more. Fortunately, Airhouse generously offered us a party so that Xage and their friends could get the full experience.

This past Saturday night, Xage and eight middle-school amigos spent several hours climbing, running, jumping, balancing and flying through the air.

They took a break midway through to sample Airhouse’s inhouse “Grubhouse” cafe’s pizza. Two thumbs up – the kids loved both cheese and pepperoni. They also went through several pitchers of Sierra Mist and water!

There were red, rosy cheeks aplenty throughout our fun evening at Airhouse. The kids agreed the ropes course and ziplines were their top favorites, followed by the “Wipeout,” a trampoline with spinning arm that must be jumped over (or crawled under).

They also loved the multiple climbing structures. Most of our party spent the evening in safety harnesses. At one point, I was walking around looking for the group and our party coordinator pointed straight up. They were all high above our heads in the rafters having a blast!

I was proud to see that every single kiddo did the high ropes course at least once – quite a feat. I was very impressed with their bravery and agility.

Airhouse provided a new pair of grip socks, a $5 arcade card and favor bags for each attendee. In addition to the ten wristbands for party attendees, we also got five parent wristbands for observers who wished to stay and watch the fun.

The cost for an Airhouse party is $300 for 10 kiddos – a great deal considering the Airhouse team handles all set-up and clean-up. I would absolutely host a birthday party here for Xage and their friends – it was a super fun time and it’s so great to see kids just being kids, running around and getting sweaty with no phones in sight.

I’ve written before about how much I have missed taking Xage to indoor play spaces where they can run, climb and play to wear themselves out. I am so glad there are places like Airhouse where kids can do their thing, learn new skills and conquer physical challenges.

If you haven’t been to Airhouse yet, you can check it out with a $20 general admission pass for an hour, or $30 for two hours. What a great way to spend a cold or rainy day indoors being active and having fun!

Thank you so much to the Airhouse team for sponsoring this blog post and allowing us to get the full Airhouse party experience. We will definitely be back soon.

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