Why I love treasure-hunting at Costco

I love Costco and I cannot lie.

I wasn’t all about that warehouse shopping life until my Mommers and one of my besties both dragged me there, separately, and showed me how much fun it is. The annual membership fee still bugs me, but I’ve gotten over it because of how much I enjoy shopping there.

Costco is great for bulk-buying at wholesale prices but it’s also super fun for finding “treasures” like Coach bags, Tiffany necklaces or whatever other awesome deals they have going in a particular week.

The kiddo will even come along on a Costco adventure now and then, because they know they are likely to pick up a treasure or two of their own.

Also, unlike other shopping destinations (*cough* see my recent Shein post), Costco doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure.

That’s because Costco isn’t just a fun place to shop with great customer service, an ever-changing array of goodies and pretty great prices. They also treat their people well, pay them fairly and are a well-run and well-respected organization.

So what are my favorite finds at Costco? That varies from week to week. I have my Costco staples that I go in for on a regular basis, and then I also have my treasures that you just have to get lucky and stumble upon.

Favorite Costco staples

  • Cinnamon streusel bread – our whole family is addicted to this bread. It tastes just like a cinnamon bun when you toast it and add a smidgen of butter. So delicious! It’s perfect to keep in for sleepovers or when you have company over, but also great for everyday. I haven’t made french toast with this bread yet, but I bet it would be amazing.
  • Just Bare lightly breaded chicken breast chunks – these were made famous by a viral TikTok video claiming they’re identical to Chick-fil-A nuggets. Our family agrees and won’t eat any other nugget. They’re amazing. We always have them in our freezer and I would cry if Costco stopped selling them!
  • Fresh produce – in general, Costco produce is always great quality. Package sizes are big, but if it’s something your family really loves, it’s worth it. Ever since bringing the guinea pigs home, I buy lettuce here and we go through it no problem between the boys and I. I also buy fresh raspberries here, which are mainly for Xage and I but the boys might get a couple if they’re good.
  • Paper goods – yep, of course TP and paper towels, along with Kleenex tissues, are a must-buy here. No, I don’t have room in my house to store Costco’s enormous package of Charmin – it’s so huge it barely fits in my car. But after last year’s Covid-sparked TP shortage, I’m never going to Costco again without picking up one of these bad boys. Their paper towel package is also enormous, and I stock up on those as well. We’re never going to run out again. If there ever is another shortage, we’ll be able to retire off our profits when we sell down our supply.

I should note that another fabulous Costco feature is the food court at the front of the store. The amazing ice cream sundae and fruit smoothie pictured above came from there. I think together they cost me a total of $3 and they were as good or better than similar items you’d find at a mall food court. My parents always rave about their super cheap pizza, too.

Costco treasured finds

  • Mikasa tiered lazy Susan – I’ve always loved tiered trays and I’ve always wanted a lazy Susan. This is like the best of both worlds and I adore it! I decorate it for each season and it makes the kitchen table look festive. I also keep necessities on there like napkins, salt and pepper, and other things we need daily. it’s both functional and decorative and I would definitely give this as a gift. Plus, it’s Costco so the price is great!
  • Matty M black joggers – These are the most comfortable, high quality and versatile joggers in my closet and they were less than $15. You can dress them up with a pair of Rothy’s or booties, or dress them down with Vans or gym shoes. They are really thick so they’re perfect for fall and winter. I passed them by the first time I saw them, because I already have several joggers I like. Then my bestie told me she had bought four pairs because she liked them so much. I went back and bought two for myself. They are true to size and amazing!
  • Tretorn Chelsea rain boots – These boots are cute, stylish and super functional. I’ve wanted a pair of Chelsea boots for a while and I love that these are rain boots but don’t scream “rainy day attire.” They look cute with jeans, leggings or even skirts and dresses. At under $30, you simply can’t go wrong and you must have a pair!
  • Jane & Bleecker sleep shorts – This is a perfect example of something that was only at Costco for a minute. I got two sets but man, I wish I could go back in time and get more. They are super comfortable, cute and flowy – the absolute perfect sleep short for year-round. I wish I had a pair for every night of the week! If these ever come back to my Costco, you’d better believe I’ll snap up a bunch more. In the meantime, once in a while you can find them on eBay.

Want to see more cult favorite Costco items? There are plenty of lists out there, but I especially liked this one.

And I’d love to know if you have any Costco favorites of your own. Let me know in the comments below or over on Facebook!

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