Remember when cupcakes were the craze of the day?

Not long after we started this blog, cupcakes had their big, trendy moment.

Cupcake bakeries were popping up everywhere. Weddings began to feature cupcakes instead of ornate cakes.

And cupcakeries, as they were called, were continually experimenting with new and fabulous flavors.

It was a golden time.

Best of all, I was still a relatively new mom in those days with a capacity to eat far more calories than a normal human ever should, thanks to all the energy I was putting into nursing and chasing my toddler.

Little Z and I embarked on a cupcake tour together that spanned multiple cities and finally came to a rest when I found what I considered the creme de la creme of all cupcakes.

Ready to take a cupcake journey back in time with us? Here’s a roundup of our sweet adventures.

  • A rant about cupcakes – Our second Columbus cupcake tour installment also featured me kvetching about a particular pet peeve at cupcake bakeries. Could this be why the cupcake craze ended?

I still bake cupcakes myself every once in a while – especially if Z is up for decorating them with pretty edible flowers, as in the photo up top – but I haven’t sought them out at a bakery since our tour ended. We’ve moved on to other sweet treats.

Are you glad the cupcake craze faded away, or do you secretly still crave these delightful mini-cakes? I won’t tell a soul. Make your sweet confession in the comments below or over on Facebook or Instagram.

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