The cupcake tour ends here

My cupcake tour, which began in 2010 when I was still a new mommy on maternity leave and lasted through several blog posts both here and elsewhere, is officially on hiatus. Not because I no longer love cupcakes: I still adore them. Not because I made a massive new year's resolution to cut out sweets (I always do this. It never sticks.). Not because I want to eat healthier and lose weight in 2013 (although both are true). No, the cupcake tour is over because I have lost the desire to go … [Read more...]

Maui mochi, manju and malasadas

This time last year, we were in beautiful Maui with our 18 month old baby girl. Now, we're buying a new home and fancy vacations are a thing of the past... and we have a 2.5 year old big girl! Zoe may not remember much about that amazing trip to Hawaii, but we sure do. We have these gorgeous photos to remind us forever, thanks to my splurge on professional family portraits while we were there. (I highly recommend doing that - it's money you'll never regret spending.) We have super fun … [Read more...]

Dayton is a cupcake dream

This post is part three in my Cupcake Tour series. Part one was over on the Discovering Ohio blog. Part two took place earlier this year. And now the cupcake tour heads an hour southwest to  Dayton, Ohio. I know Dayton quite well. You see, I lived there for eight years prior to moving to Columbus in 2005. Alas, there were no cupcakeries in Dayton while I lived there - the trend had not yet hit. But all that has changed, and Dayton is now a veritable cupcake mecca. There are enough … [Read more...]

A rant about cupcakes

This is actually part two in my cupcake tour series. My original cupcake tour post appeared on the Discovering Ohio blog last year. I have a rant about cupcakes, which I'll share shortly, but it's not because I don't like cupcakes. Oh no, it's the opposite. I LOVE cupcakes. And I'm happy to report that despite many snooty, jaded food writers and bloggers repeatedly announcing that cupcakes are dead, the cupcake craze continues to rave on. Why? Because they are delicious. And tiny - well, … [Read more...]