Family fun tour of LA’s South Bay

We spent a week with family in Los Angeles over Christmas. Each day, we all set out to explore a fun new spot so that Zoe (age almost three) and her cousins, ages two and four, could enjoy getting to know each other again. It had been a long time since their last visit - too long. My folks moved to LA in 1994 and I've enjoyed visiting them each year since. Our trips to LA used to look a lot different before Zoe. We would rent a car and cruise Pacific Coast Highway, dip through the 'hood … [Read more...]

3 magic words for toddler parents

Fellow parents, do you want to know three little words that can guarantee your toddler will nap for hours like an angel? What if I told you those three magic words may also result in your normally picky eater wolfing through an entire plate of food before passing out into said wonderful nap? Those three little magical words are "Toddler Open Play." Anytime you see those words, head straight over and pay whatever the cover charge is. It'll be well worth it, trust me.* Yesterday, Zoe and I … [Read more...]