Clean eating at a restaurant? YES!

Recently I wrote about my excitement over a new salad cafe opening up in my northern Columbus suburb. Now, I'm even more pumped up because a second, even healthier restaurant has opened near me: CoreLife Eatery just off Polaris. You might be thinking, why are you even eating out at restaurants anymore - aren't you on a major, life-changing health and fitness program? Yes, I am, but for me the number one most important element of a health and fitness program is that it be sustainable over the … [Read more...]

How I got lucky at Chop5

I just stumbled into the brand new fast casual restaurant Chop 5 Salad Kitchen today on Polaris after my workout and had an amazing, delicious and healthy lunch. It was the perfect post-gym meal to keep that strong, energized feeling going. I am so glad to find this restaurant and can't wait to visit again. It is seriously the yum. But perhaps the best part about my fresh, healthy and delicious lunch is that Chop5 is not even officially open until tomorrow. I have been watching the place for … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites: best drinks in Columbus

I don’t drink alcohol. When I say that in social settings, I tend to get a gasp of shock or notice people recoiling in horror, but really it’s no big deal. Alcohol just doesn’t agree with me. That said, I still enjoy a good adult beverage - just sans alcohol. I like fancy drinks, but not necessarily fruity ones – just really good ones. Here, without further ado, are my top picks for the best drinks in Columbus. Most of these also happen to be at places where you can get great food. And … [Read more...]