Stella & Dot 101: my top faves

Long before I became an independent stylist for Stella & Dot, I was just your ordinary average girl who loves pretty jewelry. But I never knew how to make my stuff look glam and stylish the way some other women do.

Why do some people just have an innate, natural sense of style while others of us struggle to put together an outfit or ensemble?!

I used to just wear the same old jewelry, day after day, because I didn’t have confidence in my ability to mix and match necklaces or do something truly special to turn an ordinary outfit into a great look. And then I found Stella & Dot!

My favorite thing about S&D is that they basically do the work for you. Every piece is created and styled so that it goes together and coordinates with maximum versatility. Most of the pieces can be worn together, broken apart into separate pieces for different looks, and mixed/matched easily – even by someone like me for whom such things do not come naturally.

So here, without further ado, is my list of favorite S&D pieces to help you achieve an effortless, pulled-together and stylish look with absolutely zero stress over your accessories!

Necklaces: Statement or Everyday

  • The Sutton. Boom – we’re done here. Literally, you need only this necklace and you instantly have at least five different looks you can rock with varying outfits. Need a long necklace? You’ve got it. A short statement piece? You’ve got it. Some sparkle and bling? It’s here. Something a bit more subdued, yup, you guessed it. Sutton is EVERYTHING! It was my first S&D piece (I blogged about it when I first got it!) and is still one of my top three favorite go-to pieces. It comes in silver or gold versions; I have the older mixed metals edition (not currently available). It’s pricey at $128 but again – you get at least five necklaces in this one piece.
  • The Riad Layering Necklace. Here’s another piece that I simply adore. It’s one necklace, but it breaks into three separate strands you can wear individually or mixed and matched together. Z and I each wore strands of this necklace for our recent family photo shoot, so we looked coordinated and stylish. This one is mixed metals with both gold and silver tone strands that combine beautifully and match any other jewelry you might be wearing. $89 and worth every cent.
Again, my favorite thing about S&D necklaces is that after buying a few of their multi-layered pieces, I began to take them apart and put them back together myself in new ways – or even combine pieces of S&D necklaces with other jewelry I already owned. Just by browsing the S&D catalog/website, I have gained so much more confidence in figuring out what looks good together!

Earring Trends

  • Ear Climbers. S&D has several different ear climbers and they’re all gorgeous, but I have the silver pave triangle ear path climbers. I get compliments on them every single time I wear them! It’s a new way to wear earrings and gives a slightly edgy, yet glam look that I just love. Go to the S&D site and put “ear climbers” into the search bar and you’ll see all the different variations on this theme. Trust me, you need a pair of these.
  • Ear Jackets. Here’s another super cool earring trend that I never saw until I found S&D: versatile ear jackets that come with a stud pair or two, plus a “jacket” that you can add for a fancier or more ornate look. My favorites are the pave triangle ear jackets in rose gold and I wear them all the time in multiple different ways. Go to the S&D site and enter “ear jacket” into the search bar to see a dozen or more examples of these gorgeous, versatile sets.

Bags Galore

  • The Getaway. Have you ever found yourself packing for a weekend trip and wishing you had a bag that’s in between a suitcase and a tote? Well, that’s the S&D Getaway bag – available in multiple colors and prints, but I’m partial to my gorgeous, colorful Multi Ikat version. It’s expandable by unzipping a zipper that opens the bag up another several inches in depth/heigh. This bag holds a TON of stuff! My favorite thing to do is to take it on a trip in its zipped form, then unzip it for the trip home when you know you’ve got a ton more stuff (does stuff just expand on a trip? How does that always happen?!)
  • The All-In Pouch. This is one of those unbelievably useful bags that can serve as a clutch, a “bag within a bag” or any number of other functions. I use mine as a “bag within a bag” so that I can easily switch outer bags without having to gather up all my necessary items each time. However, this gold exotic print version is so pretty I don’t know if I could stand covering it up all the time with another bag – I’d have to find reasons to just grab it and go!
Best Scarves Ever
  • Union Square Scarf. S&D is constantly coming out with this scarf in new patterns and prints, which is a problem because I simply must collect them all. This is THE best scarf that I’ve ever owned – and I own a ton of scarves. This scarf is just the right weight, softness, size, everything. It falls perfectly, flawlessly, every single time you throw it on. If you know a bunch of fancy scarf ties, great, but trust me when I say you don’t need them with this scarf. It simply looks amazing as is, every time. I highly recommend this particular print – the Multi Geo Print. It’s on sale right now and I wear it constantly in all seasons and adore it!

So, there you have it – a few of my very favorite things from Stella & Dot. If you’re a fan too, I’d love to hear your favorite S&D things in the comments below or over on Facebook! And if you need a stylist or would like to make a purchase, please join my group and message me. I’d love to help you out!


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