How to find our favorite fabulous crystal shops in central Florida

Loving Thyself Rocks in Winter Park

Some people visit Florida for the crystal-clear ocean and sparkling crystal-sugar sands.

We like those, too – but we are also big fans of Florida’s healing crystal shops!

Anytime Z and I travel, we always seek out the best rock and gem shops. It’s such a fun activity to do together.

Spending time in crystal shops is relaxing and energizing because of all the great energy from both the healing rocks and the cool people who love them.

We walk into a new crystal shop feeling awe and anticipation of all the beautiful sights. We leave feeling renewed and uplifted from the great healing energy and excited about any new little treasures we’ve found for our collections.

Take it from us – crystal shopping is a must-do on your next vacation or getaway!

Z and I have crystal-shopped our way around central Ohio (check out our threepart series). We’ve also hunted for gems and rocks in the wild, wild West.

This time, during our mid-winter getaway this February, we decided to check out the healing rocks and crystal shops of central Florida. We were not disappointed!

Anytime we get to a new travel destination, I always search on Yelp for “crystal shops near me.” Some people think Yelp is just for finding restaurants, but it can also be great for locating other small local businesses.

Then, just to double-check, I repeat the same “crystal shops near me” search on Google. Depending on the size of the town you’re in, you’ll usually find a few actual crystal shops, plus some random jewelry stores or gift shops thrown into the mix. Then, I sort through the results and build a list of the top three or four crystal shops we’ll visit during our trip.

That’s exactly how we tackled the assignment in central Florida. There were no actual, legit crystal shops in the little town where we stay, but we could see there were some great possibilities in nearby and neighboring towns. Over the course of our vacation, we visited a handful and found what might be our favorite crystal shop of all time!

But you’ll have to wait for that. Let’s go in order.

  • Orchid Rain in DeLand. Adorable downtown, historic DeLand doesn’t have an actual crystal shop, but it does have several quirky and fun boutiques. Orchid Rain is more of a hippie or Bohemian boutique but they do sell a few rocks and crystal jewelry. I love the name. Plus, the whole store is a total vibe so it is definitely worth a visit. Be sure to take some photos with their epic VW bug!
  • Daytona Books & Metaphysics in Daytona Beach. Located between the ocean and the Speedway, this shop is a mecca for spiritual seekers. Not only do they have a great selection of rocks and crystals, but they also have many other unique offerings including aura photos, psychic readings and books galore. The staff was extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Z found some jewelry she really loves.
  • New Smyrna Rock & Gem in New Smyrna Beach. NSB is an iconic, charming little beach town so I was delighted to find they also have an actual rock and gem shop. Here you can find fossils, crystals, jewelry, carvings and so much more. We really enjoyed looking through all the shelves and finding treasures galore. They also have a small location in Daytona Beach called The Rock Shop which we’ll have to visit next time.
  • Loving Thyself Rocks in Winter Park. Imagine walking into a store and immediately feeling inspired and empowered to change your life with the power of healing crystals. That’s what a visit to Loving Thyself Rocks did for us! Everyone who visits gets a free rose quartz tumble because their mission is to spread love and good energy. The crystal throne at the entrance to the store is reason enough to visit – sitting on that throne with those gorgeous amethyst wings was a dream come true! This shop is by far my favorite crystal shop that I have ever visited because of the best selection, best vibes, friendly staff and great prices. Next time you’re near Orlando, be sure to visit Loving Thyself Rocks. You can also shop online via their website, Instagram and Etsy shop!

Did you know central Florida was such a haven for great crystal shops? Actually, they’re everywhere now – you just have to do a little hunting. That’s part of the fun.

If you know of other great rock shops in Florida or anywhere, please let me know. I am also dying to talk to someone who has been on an actual crystal mining trip – that’s on our bucket list! Since we love both crystals and travel, it will be too fun for us to combine the two someday in the ultimate crystal vacation.

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