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We love Halloween at our house. We love to decorate for it, plan our costumes well in advance, watch spooky movies, read creepy books, dance around to Halloween music and, of course, scare each other silly.

It’s no surprise that I make it my mission to constantly seek out new family haunts and other activities to do together during October.

If we had our way, we’d celebrate Halloween for longer than just a month!

If your family loves gearing up for a fun and spooky October, too, here are some of our best posts to help get you in a Halloween mood and start planning some fall fun activities.

  • Fall family fun around Columbus. We love visiting pumpkin patches and fun farms in the fall. There are a ton of great ones all around Columbus and we’ve compiled a pretty good list here. These aren’t particularly spooky, but can be a great way to start getting kiddos excited about fall and pumpkin-ready for Halloween.
  • Creepiest books for kids Z has always been a fan of scary reads, and there are some real bone-chillers on this list. Some are almost too scary for bedtime reading – but hey, anything that gets kiddos excited about reading is a good thing in my book!
  • The switch witch trick works! Looking for a fun way to get rid of all the extra candy your kiddos bring home after trick or treating? We’ve had great luck with the “switch witch” coming to our house to exchange out candy for books. The sweet spot for this one is probably ages 3 through 6, but it’s worth a try!
  • Dance all night at Momster Ball. Ready for the most fun you’ll have all Halloween season? The moms and monsters dance at Olentangy Berlin HS was a new event in 2018 and we had an absolute blast. Dads and daughters have their dances all throughout the year – it was so nice for the moms to get to go out dancing for once. And of course, everything’s more fun in Halloween costumes!

So that’s our running list – so far – of fun things we’ve done in years past to get ourselves ready for the annual spooking season. If you’ve heard of other fun Halloween events we should check out, please be sure to send them my way and we’ll review them!

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