Testing Day at Rock N Shock!

Today I visited Rock N Shock Fitness for the second time. The first time was to tour the place, meet Master Breaker Danielle and her staff, and learn about the program. I couldn’t wait to come back and get started!

Today, I went back to RNS for my “before” pictures and all of my entry testing: the Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) assessment, hair pull for DNA/tolerance testing, and the hardest one: the VO2 Max test. I purposely didn’t read up on these tests before going in because I didn’t want to be overly nervous. I trust the professionals at RNS and knew they would take good care of me – and they did!

I’m super glad to have the opportunity to have this NASA-level testing done, learn more about my body and health, and most of all learn what I need to do to work out harder, get fitter and be stronger.

But OMG friends, that VO2 Max test is no joke. I’m sitting here several hours later and I still feel like I’m recovering somewhat from what was essentially a short test. I only ran for about 6 minutes but much faster and harder than usual – and uphill – and all while breathing through a tube! The test is meant to “max you out,” but I think it was the breathing tube that ultimately did me in.

When I first arrived, I filled out paperwork and read over some information about the tests. Then, I entered the testing room and got to recline on a lounger for the RMR test which mainly involved the new experience of mouth-breathing through a tube with my nose clamped shut. The tube-breathing was a bit creepy, I’m not going to lie – it almost made me feel a little bit claustrophobic. I worked through it just fine – after all, I really only needed to lie there and relax for this test. No big deal.

Then, Rebecca took samples of my hair from the nape of my neck for DNA testing and tolerance analysis. I’m super excited to get those results back and find out what I should and should not be eating. It should be about three weeks before we get that report back.

Last, I was hooked up to another tube and this time a mask that fit over my mouth and nose – which was actually more comfortable than the nose clamps and mouth-only tube. We began the VO2 Max test with me walking on the treadmill for a minute, then the speed and difficulty (incline) level were increased every minute until I was full-out running up a hill. That was hard – but doing that while breathing through a tube were even harder. The tube-breathing started to really get to me as my body started fighting harder and harder for oxygen. It honestly felt a bit like a nightmare – like I just *couldn’t* get enough air in. I started to feel a bit panicky, dizzy and “buzzy” around my head and arms.

I was honestly trying to calm myself down – thinking about relaxing things like Drake and Rihanna finally getting together, having a beautiful wedding and ultimately having gorgeous babies together – but even my usual favorite calming thoughts couldn’t help me. My body was struggling, my breathing was hard and fast, and my brain started to severely freak out thinking I couldn’t get enough air in. I got scared, and I tapped out way earlier than I had hoped to. I was hoping to make it 10 minutes – but not this time.

Once that tube was off and the treadmill was back down to walking speed, I started to feel better. I gasped for air for a minute or two but gradually recovered. I felt a bit sheepish, like I could have gone longer – but the good thing is that there’s no place to go but up. I am starting at rock bottom and ready to work hard and get my fitness and stamina up to where they need to be! And I’ll get a chance to do better at the VO2 Max test in three months when they re-test me to show my first quarter’s results.

What comes next

I’ll have my meeting with Master Breaker Danielle next week to hear the results of my RMR and VO2 Max testing and also have my physical assessment so she can assign me to the right level class. That’s when I will officially start working out at RNS three times a week! I can’t wait. I know it will be hard, but I’m ready to bring my all.

Then, in three weeks when my DNA/tolerance testing results are back, I’ll be put on a custom-designed nutrition plan built precisely for my body’s needs and preferences. That’s when the serious work of changing my life will really begin – after all, 80% of fitness and weight loss results are determined by nutrition, with the remaining 20% coming from the workouts. No wonder I haven’t been seeing results, despite my best efforts at running and working out.

This journey is really beginning. We’re almost off and running. I am so ready to take things to the next level – RNS is like next-level, next level! In the meantime, we’re having a gorgeous fall in central Ohio so I will get as many outdoor runs in as I can before the weather turns.

I look forward to keeping warm all winter with some *hot* workouts at RNS Fitness! Hope you’ll stay with me on this journey and share your own fitness stories with me in the comments below or over on Facebook.


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