All hail non-scale victories

There are so many ways to measure success when one is on a fitness and health program. My ultimate goal is weight loss, so seeing smaller numbers on the scale is important. But, unfortunately that needle isn’t easy to move now that I’m in my mid 40s! Fortunately, there are other goals and metrics that matter, too. In this post, I’ll focus on non-scale victories or NSVs.

For starters, I’ve lost 10 inches since joining Rock N Shock Fitness and starting this latest round of my fitness journey. TEN INCHES!!!!!

I am so proud of this inches-lost number. It’s a measure I can literally hold in my hand and marvel over. Ten inches gone, spread across my bod from my neck and my calves. There were only two body parts measured that didn’t change size: my chest (ha! no comments from the peanut gallery!) and my right calf. Bizarre huh – my left calf decreased, but not my right?!

I am losing weight s-l-o-w-l-y so I have to hold on to this exciting number of 10 inches to keep me motivated, focused and doing my best despite obstacles. I want to see another 10 inches come off me in this next three months! My next RNS testing day – my six month check-point – will be in May, soon after my 47th birthday. Yowza. It will give me tremendous comfort to be another ten inches smaller – and many more pounds lighter – when I hit *that* big number!

I highly recommend taking your measurements monthly or every three months to track progress. But what are some other NSVs besides inches lost?  For me, another big one is how my clothes are fitting. My bras and undies got loose first, but now clothes are fitting me looser as well and that feels GREAT! Then there’s the somewhat subjective measure of how I feel – but honestly, I usually feel pretty great so that’s a tough one. I do feel especially fantastic this year though, thanks to my fitness program and Rock N Shock workout classes. And I always feel best when I eat cleaner/healthier as opposed to eating junk!

Another fun NSV for me is compliments from friends and colleagues. I had breakfast with my #SunriseRunCrew besties this weekend, whom I hadn’t seen in several weeks. They raved about how trim I am looking. I loved hearing it! 🙂 It inspires me to keep up the good work!

How about you – what are your NSVs and how do you track your progress and stay motivated? I’d love to hear in the comments below or over on Facebook!

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  1. I hear you and how hard it is lose those pounds in your 40s. I take my measurements every couple months and inches are going away but the number on the scale stays the same. It’s frustrating as heck. I am hearing the compliments and watching the clothes get loose. Now I just need get over that obsession with the number on that scale. You are doing great. Keep it up!

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