Cleared to work out!

Guess who has a big smile on her face and just got medically cleared to return to the gym? This girl!! Rock N Shock Fitness, here I come!

It’s been a long recovery from my knee surgery on 2/27. I mean it hasn’t all been bad – there was a week at Beaches Turks and Caicos that was pretty amazing. More on that in its own post soon!

But not all of it was fun – there was pain and stress and way too much eating bad stuff. I complained about it over on the RNS blog so I won’t go into it too much here.

Right now, I’m focused on moving forward and getting back to my workouts. I have missed them so, so much! Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t just sat around during these six weeks away from the gym:

  • I swam a ton – often for hours a day – on spring break
  • We walked all over the Beaches resort, often getting way more than 10K steps a day
  • I took an aquarobics class in the pool with a very enthusiastic male instructor
  • I met up with my Sunrise Run Crew for a great, long walk last Sunday morning at the Alum Creek dam – and we have plans to do it again this Sunday
  • I’ve been going to Physical Therapy twice a week and even though it’s no RNS workout, it still makes me sweat and works my muscles!

But all of that doesn’t add up to keeping me at the level of fitness I was at before my knee surgery. I know I have some major catching up to do. I’m mostly excited about going back to RNS tomorrow at 6 am, but if I’m being honest, I’m also nervous and scared.

I’m nervous I won’t be able to hit 100% effort like I want to, and like I know Master Breaker wants me to.

I’m scared that if I try to hit 100%, I’ll re-injure my knee.

I’m nervous that I’ll let my teammates at RNS down – we’re in a competition and I want us to win!

I’m scared that I’ll use my knee recovery as an excuse to not work as hard as I know I need to.

These things will be swirling around in my brain as I head to RNS bright and early, before dawn… but I know that I need to get out of my head and back into my body. Nothing can get me into my body like a Master Breaker workout!

The second I’m in the gym with her and the rest of the ladies there, I know I’ll quit all this useless worrying and get moving in the direction I need to be going. Forward. Upward. (Or, in the case of the scale, downward!)

I’m psyching myself up and it’s working. Looks like a little positive self talk is all I needed. I can’t wait to get back on track with my workouts, starting in the morning.

Wish me luck! 😉

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