What’s the deal with the pink quill?

I recently launched a new business called Pink Quill Communications. Here’s the story behind the name.

I didn’t start out as Pink Quill. The original name I chose was too literal – it described the role I play, rather than what I do and who I am as a company or brand. I knew I wanted something more creative, distinctive and memorable.

I racked my brain for something that spoke to me as a writer and storyteller with an appreciation for the arts and a passion for girl power – and also something that alluded to the timing of starting my business during the 2020 pandemic.

The answer was right in front of me – literally. Over the summer, when I had just decided to start my own business, hubby and I took a run up to Groovy Plants Ranch. I wasn’t planning to buy anything – just wanted to get out of the house and walk around in a pretty place admiring the living decor.

That’s when E pointed out a pink quill plant and said “hey, look – how perfect is this plant for you, as a writer?”

It was love at first sight. The pink quill is a gorgeous little bromeliad native to the Ecuadorian rain forests. It is tough and hardy, yet perfectly beautiful. I brought her home that day and put her in a special pot I’d been saving for just the right inhabitant. (Have I mentioned that I developed quite a succulent and plant habit during quarantine?)

Ever since, my little pink quill plant has stood by me on my desk as I did all the things necessary to start my company. It was my silent companion as I landed my first client, sent my first project estimates, wrote my first articles as a solo practitioner, sent my first invoices and ultimately felt the thrill of being paid directly for what I love to do best: writing.

The pink quill to me represents writing and creativity. It represents girl power, strength and my commitment to start a business during these crazy times specifically so I can spend more time with my daughter to help feed, water, nurture her and watch her grow.

The pink quill even commemorates one of my favorite pastimes during this pandemic: watching, studying, listening to and obsessing over Hamilton the musical/movie, where quills and writing take center stage alongside rapping and incredible storytelling.

I don’t know how or when I finally realized that Pink Quill was the name I’d been looking for all along for my brand new, bouncing baby (business). I’m just glad that we got here together.

I’m also hoping my beautiful little pink quill plant from Groovy Plants will flower someday soon – I’ve seen enough photos online to know they are extremely beautiful when they do.

But for now, this little plant is just fine as is – and she’ll remain my muse and inspiration as I focus on making my business the best it can be and doing consistently excellent work for my clients. I just hope I can somehow convince our cat to leave her alone.

Need communications support for your business or brand? Reach out to us and see if we can put our quill to work for you. Your initial consultation is always free.

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