How to follow the unofficial Ohio waterfall trail

I just learned that West Virginia is home to our nation’s first designated waterfall trail.

The trail acts as a waterfall-themed trip planner by connecting waterfall lovers with 29 gorgeous falls across the state.

The WV tourism folks even created a darling logo and themed merchandise to go along with this campaign.

I think Ohio should really hop on the waterfall train and create a falls trail of our own. We may not have 29 of them, but we certainly have more than a dozen gorgeous falls in our state.

You know what, maybe I’ll take it upon myself to create the Ohio waterfall trail. Let’s give it a go right now. Here’s what I’d put in the line-up!

  • Honey Run Falls might be the perfect Ohio waterfall. It’s in the prettiest, most idyllic location and an absolute dream to visit. You can dip your toes in this one – just be careful of slippery rocks. This is one of my all-time favorite spots for forest bathing.
  • Brandywine Falls inside Cuyahoga Valley National Park is the biggest falls on this list and the one most likely to make you say “WOW” in total awe. I don’t know why it took me so long to go see it, but now that I’ve fallen in love with this waterfall, I know we’ll be back again before long.
  • Millikin Falls at Quarry Trails Metro Park is a stellar addition to this list. I love waterfalls that allow you to get up close and play in the water, and Millikin fits that bill until they decide to make it off-limits. Better visit soon!
  • Dundee Falls in Amish country is our most recent waterfall find in Ohio. Located fairly far north, it’s a pretty drive from Lewis Center or Columbus on a nice day. If it feels a bit remote, remember that you’re far more likely to have this falls to yourself vs. some of the more popular sites on this list.
  • Hayden and Indian Run falls are both in Dublin, Ohio and I wrote about them a few years ago. They are small and located in oddly residential areas but definitely worth a visit.
  • Cedar Falls is the most iconic waterfall in Hocking Hills and is gorgeous year-round. Whether rushing after a summer rain or spectacularly iced-over in winter, this is a can’t-miss waterfall.
  • Lyons falls is in Mohican State Park and there are actually two of them – a large and a small one. These are both falls you have to hike to get to; some would say that makes you appreciate them even more than if they were easily spotted from a road or parking lot.
  • Old Man’s Cave is a great hike in Hocking Hills that has not just caves but tunnels, views and waterfalls galore. Just do this hike – you’ll be so happy you did.
  • Conkle’s Hollow is another favorite hike in Hocking Hills and the lower route ends with a seasonal waterfall in a cave. Waterfalls and caves are two super cool natural phenomena that go together like peanut butter and chocolate.
  • Ash Cave is another Hocking Hills hike combining waterfalls and caves. This is a very seasonal waterfall – we’ve seen it as a trickle and we’ve seen it as a gushing falls.

My list here is by no means exhaustive. I found this old Ohio waterfalls map showing that there are many more waterfalls, especially in the Cleveland and Dayton areas, that I need to explore. This is officially my new wishlist for 2023 Ohio road trips!

What do you think – did you know Ohio had this many waterfalls? Will you join me in trying to chase them all?

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