Fun holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list

Are you still shopping for Christmas gifts?

It’s okay – this is a judgement-free zone. I am, too.

I know they told us to get out in front of the holidays and shop early this year, especially online, but December still snuck up on me somehow.

That’s okay though, because I have loads of fun ideas for just about anyone on your list. Are you ready? Let’s shop!

First, here’s a look at some of my past gift ideas. There was this post about holiday gifts for guys, this one about gift ideas for friends and this one about gifts you should buy yourself. Heck, I once even wrote a post with ideas for good graduation gifts.

I also have several posts with holiday gift ideas for kiddos: this list is gift ideas for age 3 and up, this lists our favorite gifts when Xage was 4, and this list has gift ideas for kids in that 9-12 range. Also, here are more gift and stocking stuffer ideas for the gradeschoolers in your life.

Still hungry for more gift ideas? Here are my best 2021 recommendations.

  • A Coach wristlet for your bestie, mom or mother-in-law. Literally any woman on your list will appreciate the corner-zip wristlet from Coach. I love mine (thank you, bestie!) You can use it as an everyday wallet or money pouch, or put the strap around your wrist and carry it as a wristlet for going out. It’s versatile, comes in tons of cute colors and patterns and best of all, is marked down to $29 at the Coach Outlet. It’s $78 full price, so that’s an amazing deal. Nothing like a gift that says you deserve nice things!
  • A 30 second dance party for friends, teachers, kids or just about anyone. This silly little electronic device may seem like a gag gift, but it’s actually pretty awesome! I got the 30 second dance party for a friend this year and she loves it. I also got one for us and although Xage made fun of it at first, we use it at least once per week! Just as the name suggests, when you hit the button, a German DJ voice announces “30 second dance party” and then it blasts techno music for the allotted time. Your job is simply to dance! It’s a lot of fun and I think every family needs one.
  • Killer, pricey cologne for the man in your life. I have bought E cologne before, but never the “good stuff” (aka over $150 per bottle). Xage and I recently wandered into Saks 5th Avenue where we met a scent wizard named Patrick. He introduced us to some very pricey colognes by Kilian that smell like a million bucks. I splurged and got our favorite for E for Christmas. High quality scents last longer – plus your guy is worth it. What could be better than smelling a scent you love every time you hug your honey? PS Kilian also makes amazing fragrances for women – like the one Rihanna and I wear.
  • A soapstone carving kit for the gradeschooler or tween in your life. These kits say they are for age 8 and up, but my 11 year old – normally skeptical about kits – went absolutely bonkers for it. It’s not actually “carving” (like with a sharp object) but rather filing and sanding to get the stone into the shape you want. It’s been a huge hit for our little artist, so I think it will be for other kiddos, too. The kits come in various animal shapes like cat, wolf, bear, turtle, orca and many more. I actually want to get one for myself now!
  • Vintage glowing uranium glass would make a perfect gift for the person who has everything. At one of our recent Mystic Market events, we met the Mathues and learned all about this obsession. Vintage glowing glass is so unbelievably cool – both Xage and I had to have some. I think it would be such a cool and unique gift for that unusual individual in your life who enjoys oddities and vintage items!
  • An amazing animal encounter would be a great gift for someone – or an entire family – you love. Columbus Zoo has several VIP tours and experiences that are pricey but unforgettable. I’ve heard especially great things about the sea lion and red panda encounters. We might be doing the red panda one ourselves next week and if we do, you know I’ll blog about it!
  • And for everyone else – or just as awesome stocking stuffers – I recommend healing crystals. Seriously, there is a crystal for every person and every purpose. Head to your nearest crystal shop and pick out crystals based on their meaning and properties or just based on how they look. There’s no wrong way to choose – and who wouldn’t love a gorgeous little piece of earth and nature for their desk or room?

There you have it – my best recommendations for 2021 holiday gifts. Got any great ideas that belong on this list? Let me know; like I said above, I’m still shopping too!

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