It’s raining cats and dogs

I’ve blogged a lot about animals over the years.

I even recently pulled together a round-up post of all our wild and woolly critter adventures in Ohio and around the world.

Today’s round-up post, however, takes place closer to hearth and home.

This one goes out to the beloved domestic animals who share our hearts and lives: dogs and cats.

Here’s a look at all our past and recent content about canines and felines we’ve loved.

Our furry family

Fostering kitties

  • Fostering the tiniest kitten – meet Toothless, the smallest orphaned baby we’ve ever cared for
  • Why we foster kittens – my original post about fostering mama cats and kittens
  • Kittens cure everything – how fostering mama cat Galaxy and her four tiny kittens got us through the hard, early days of the 2020 Coronavirus crisis
  • Welcome home, Galaxy: our #fosterfail – after returning Galaxy and the kittens to the shelter to find adoptive homes, the kittens went home but Galaxy didn’t. That’s when we realized: she’s meant to be ours!

A few other feline and canine friends

There you have it: proof that dogs and cats are always near and dear to my heart – and this blog.

Got any dog or cat tales of your own to share? I’d love to hear them in the comments below or over on Facebook.

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